Is there a "best time" to put my house on the market?

  • Along with economic factors such as supply and demand, the time of year you choose to sell can impact both the length of time it takes to sell your home and its ultimate selling price. Typically, the real estate market picks up around February, continues strong through late May and June, and tapers off during July and August. The summer is usually the busiest time for moving since school is out and buyers may be looking to get their children in school before the new school year. September through November generally marks a rally not as strong as of late winter and spring, followed by a slowdown from Thanksgiving through and beyond the Christmas and New Year holiday period.


How should I price my home?

  • You must take into account the prevailing state of the real estate market and especially local market conditions. The real estate market continually changes, and market fluctuations affect property values. So it is critical to determine your listing price based on the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood.


What does an appraisal mean?

  • A report made by a qualified person setting forth an opinion or estimate of value. The term also refers to the process by which this estimate is obtained.In conventional mortgages and in the HUD-FHA Direct Endorsement Program, the lender receives a copy of the complete report, showing the basis for the appraiser's estimate.


What is title insurance?

  • Title insurance is insurance that protects the lender and buyer against any losses incurred from disputes over the title of a property.


What are the disadvantages of pricing my home on the high end?

  • You might help sell similar homes that are priced lower.
  • Your home may be on the market longer.

  • You could lose market interest and qualified buyers.

  • You might create a negative impression of the property.

  • You could lose money as a result of making extra mortgage payments while incurring taxes, insurance, and unplanned maintenance costs.

  • You may have to accept less money.

  • A potential buyer may face appraisal and financing problems resulting from the inflated price.